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[MAG] Behaviour Guidelines for members of all of our gaming servers and socials

  1. Members must always adhere to behaving with respect between one another.

  2. Do not disturb the function of any Communal Areas. Examples of this include; microphone spamming, text spamming, item spamming and advertising.

  3. Cheating, exploiting mechanics, stream-sniping, using 3rd party software or otherwise deriving benefit from any currently known, or unknown imperfections or glitches, on any of our service platforms is strictly against the rules.

  4. Do not impersonate a Member of the Team internally or externally of the Community.

  5. Breaching / avoiding bans using alt accounts or other methods can result in a perm ban and admins reserve the right to ban any / all linked accounts.

  6. Griefing bases and individual players when it results in them being unable to play and enjoy the game is not tolerated on our servers.

  7. It is against the rules to sell ingame items for real world currency.

  8. Demanding and pressuring any member of our staff team to abuse their powers (in-game or on any community platform) will not be tolerated

  9. Finding loopholes in the rules and setting people up to get banned is NOT allowed. For example: Blocking in vehicles with placeable objects. (Punishment is at the discretion of the admin)

  10. The use of “Mule Accounts” or Alternate accounts to store, or gather loot is strictly against our rules and will not be tolerated.


[MAG] periodically search for new members of the Clan and the server admin teams.  This is done through the applications section on the Forum, typically, after a call goes out, applications are reviewed by the clan, a vote is held and the applicant is notified as soon as possible

Donations are not expected at all from our superb community members, but they are greatly appreciated and go towards the hardware development of the clan. Recently we upgraded our servers using donations, this benefits the community first and foremost.

If, however, you do wish to donate, please click on the donate link on the website and follow the instructions…

It is also possible to donate on Discord by typing $Donate, this will create a link specifically for you.

Thanks alot in advance!

All of our servers have rules and admins to enforce them, they do not wish to have to it must be said!  A code of conduct is available on the website however and is available on the pause break screen on most of our servers

A list of the games that we pay is available on the website but this evolves a lot.  We are a multi game clan and while the focus is on DayZ, we play many other genres and titles.