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All here in [MAG] truly appreciate the many players and community members that donate to our servers.  These donations help us to ensure that our players get to play on the best equipment.  It is by no means a requirement though.  Feel free to join us and play any time you like…

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[MAG] operates on “a not for profit” basis and for GDPR purposes does not retain any personal data

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man I'm so glad i got a good pve server to enjoy u guys make the server better every day so many nice and helpful ppl to thank u I'm glad I could be apart of the mag server
Well it's official... I cant drive irl; it turns out I'm just as bad virtually! Just as well its a demolition derby on the [MAG] Get Wreckt Server on Wreckfest.
Just wanna say thanks to all the mods and admins. i dont think ive ever had so much fun playing games. and ive been playing for 30 years. keep up the fantastic work. you guys are there when we need you and fair. much respect to the server. i feel at home when i play.

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