Following recent events involving a breakaway group of players, we at MAG wish to make an official statement on behalf of all remaining members.

Firstly we would like to thank our community and the players who continue to play on our servers, your support has been unwavering and for this we wish to say thank you.

In relation to on going donation disputes, anyone that has donated and feels like they have been misled into the appropriation of the funds; you are entitled to raise a ticket with PayPal and their dispute team. MAG would like to clarify that all donations go to the running of server boxes and web hosting facilities, which enrich the entire community not one particular group. We have always shown full transparency on this matter via our web forums. All funds are fully accounted for and have never, and will never, be used for personal use. MAG will now implement a monthly donation cap up to the monthly total outgoings of the clan. Donation links will then be reopened in the following month. This will ensure further trust between members and our community.

Finally, we are aware that the breakaway group of players are now hosting DayZ servers impersonating our name. The name of our clan is not copyrighted however we feel that this is in bad taste and morally they seek to benefit from the 17 years hard work of our members both past and present. Whilst impersonating our name isn’t against the law, obtaining donations in our name can be construed as fraud. We ask the breakaway group changes their name so members of both communities are provided with clarity going into the future.

We at MAG regardless of the servers you play on, wish everyone enjoys gaming, in a safe environment, with their friends.

King Regards The members of Middle Aged Gamers [MAG]

Date: 29-06-2022